Lap Shade is compatible with laptops, tablets, phones, and e-readers up to 17" in diameter.

Lap Shade measures 14” diameter and 1.5” thick when folded, and 22” tall and 14.5” wide when expanded. It is easy to fold up and weighs only 1 lb. You can easily fit it into your beach tote, backpack, or simply hold it on its own with the handle.

Yes, Lap Shade is designed with openings for cables on both sides, allowing you to plug in accessories like charging cables, keyboards, and external hard drives.

  1. Fold the top blue tab to the bottom blue tab inside 
  2. Secure the buttons on the blue tabs together
  3. Make sure the logo side is on top, and fold the mesh elastic over

For more information, watch the video here.

Lap Shade requires minimal cleaning and maintenance. To clean, you may use a soft cloth with some water.

Lap Shade has an anti-slip bottom that prevents sliding. With the laptop inside, it will stay in place even in windy conditions. Do not leave your devices unattended outdoors.

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